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My cargo is damaged, who do I contact? Print Download

If the cargo was insured, you should immediately contact your own marine cargo insurers to report the loss/damage to avoid prejudicing your marine cargo insurance policy conditions. Your own marine cargo insurers will handle your claim with you and with any liable party and guide you accordingly.

Next, and within 3 days per Bill of Lading terms and conditions, you should also contact Shipco Transport, either the origin or destination office, to report the nature and extent of the loss/damage. Follow up in writing your preliminary claim notice, and provide as much information and support documentation as possible about your claim to the relevant Shipco office.

Shipco Transport has within each office globally a nominated Claims Coordinator who will respond to you within 48 hours per our Claims Handling Procedures. Our Claims Coordinator will:

- Acknowledge your claim notice, in writing.
- Assign you a dedicated Claim Reference Number.
- Advise you how to proceed, what is required to proceed with your claim with our global Group Claims Handling Office in London and/or our Underwriters (Lloyds of London).
You have the option to let your local Shipco Transport Claims Coordinator liaise on your behalf with our Group Claims Office based in London or you may prefer to liaise directly with our Group Claims Office.